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Business Plans are an integral part of doing business today. Whether you are applying for a bank loan, seeking private capital, or filling out a commercial lease application, you will be required to provide a Business Plan.
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What are business plans used for?

Business Plans are an excellent way for every business owner to establish goals, gather the most recent market data, and are essential to investigating a new idea. Before you spend your time and money, document your goals and the results you expect.


The 3 Types Of Business Plans

Answering questions of investors

External Business Plans

Aims to persuade private investors or bankers that a business is suitable for investing in or lending to.

Start-up idea

Start-Up Business Plans

Explore the feasibility of a new business and what is needed to get the business off the ground.

Internal Business Plans

Are developed by owners and leaders of existing businesses and align strategies and goals to make the business more successful.

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