Business Plans Hawaii

Sample Business Plan

Please click on the links below for samples of our work. The first is a plan for a primary care medical clinic in Hawaii.

The second is a sample of how to construct financial projections for a business plan. In this case we provide a spreadsheet with financial projections for a retail florist shop.

How Much Does a Business Plan Cost?

The cost of a business plan depends on the complexity of the company and the size of the ask.  I have written plans for a beauty salon seeking $50,000, and for a DNA sequencing lab seeking $50 million.  Those are two very different plans and require very different business models, research and financial analysis.  I once spent a week determining the cost of a single bottle of water for a desalination factory!

A BALL PARK figure for a plan is $5,000, which includes:
  • Executive Summary
  • Organization Purpose & Resources: Background on the company, business model, resources, structure, plans for future and related entities.
  • Market Research: the market in Hawaii, outlook and trends, Oahu and State-wide.
  • Competition Analysis: Existing options and pricing, business opportunities, barriers and risks.
  • Marketing Plan: who and how a target market may be approached.
  • Management Personnel: Qualifications & background, technical & business skills necessary to the successful advancement of the project.
  • Financial Projections, generally 3 years, including profit and loss, cash flow and break-even analyses.
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