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Valerie Koenig

Aloha. I am Valerie Koenig, founder of Business Plans Hawaii.

Business Plans Hawaii was established to provide you business development advice based on the latest  market research and financial analysis. In today’s competitive and changing financial world, planning is more important than ever.  Your business deserves every chance and my mission is to provide you with the information, development experience and financial projections that set you up for success.  

I have prepared plans, reports, proposals and grant applications for businesses of all types, including retailers, wholesalers, manufacturers, farmers, fishermen and non-profit organizations.

Why do I do this?

I fell in love with helping business owners many years ago when working at Grant Thornton CPAs. I love helping people increase their self-confidence; to show them how they can derive greater satisfaction in life, make a difference in their communities, while also running a well managed, profitable company. I love watching them mature, becoming better leaders, spouses, parents and citizens. I love helping people identify the critical success factors in their companies and developing a road map to reach their goals. I want business owners to benefit from the skills and knowledge I wish I had when I started out.

Here’s the Deal

I meet with dozens of Hawaii business owners every month who have
built very successful companies. Here are a few things they have
shared with me. They are concerned about employee retention,

disappointed with their sales and marketing efforts, and worried about
turning their companies into a performing asset that they can sell or
leave to their successors one day. Often, they tell me that they have
not had a real vacation in years. I have been able to help my clients
create a framework of accountability that develops the people around
them, freeing them up to grow their business-and have a life.


Is this worth a conversation?

If so, I encourage you to call me to begin the conversation about how you can derive greater satisfaction in your life and confidence in your business leadership.
For a complete resume, please see my LinkedIn profile and connect with me there.

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