Business Plans Hawaii


Coaching, Advisory Boards & Strategic Planning

Through The Alternative Board Hawaii, Business Plans Hawaii works with business owners to create a company vision and plans
that your whole team can follow. We also work with owners and
their leadership teams together to develop a strategic
business plan that aligns your next generation of owners with the
goals and tactics they need to succeed. Using proven methods, I have a process to help owners develop their leadership teams and expand their horizons.  

  • Determine the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to monitor the health of their companies.
  • Analyze the financial levers that canpropel – or hold back – growth.
  • Work with owners and/or facilitate leadership team workshops to develop a dynamic, multi-year strategic plan.
  • Work with owners and/or facilitate leadership teams SWOT analysis so they can leverage strengths, reduce weakness, take advantage of opportunities and defend against threats.
  • Work with owners and/or facilitate leadership teams to examine and hone the philosophical or ideological basis of their company.  We define purpose, core values and missionthat creates an organizational culture that encourages radical candor, transparency, and commitment.
  • Support the proposition that when performance outcomes are unsatisfactory, the first place to look is not behavior. It is to identify what employees believe.  Beliefs drive behavior which determine outcomes.  As a leader how do I find out what my employees don’t want to tell me?

Investor Preparation Services

In addition to business plans, I help with:

  • Assessing and tweaking your business model to be market appropriate.
  • Creating investor slide decks for raising private equity – or championing a cause – or testing the waters – or whatever. Slide decks are increasingly favored over long written plans, in certain sectors.
  • Investor presentation services, helping you hone your pitch.
  • Investor research, segmentation and strategizing services.
  • Financial analysis and projections alone. Sometimes you can do the written portion, but you just need help with the financials, especially determining the assumptions.
  • Writing services Sometimes you can do the financials, but you suck at writing, formatting graphs and charts.
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